A Better Life With Private Health Insurance

Life has its ups and downs. We should be thankful for the “up” moments and be prepared for the down times. We will never know what lies ahead of us and what we can do about this fact is to be prepared.  These downtimes comprise of shortcomings, failures and the hardest is when our health fails especially on unexpected moments. Health nowadays is unpredictable. That is why private health insurance comes needed by many, making people’s downtimes weigh lighter especially on health’s failing moments.

Phoenix Health Fund is a health care provider in Australia dedicated to serve former and current workers in the steel industry and its related businesses. As we service private health insurance, we have arranged the lowest rates possible without compromising the quality health cover that you deserve to have.  We aim to let you feel that every contribution that you pay us is valued. In return, we made sure that the health covers we offer are satisfying and worth your trust.


Products and Coverage

We got a wide range of product choices and health covers that suit to various health circumstances. These options may also vary on your needs and preferences.  Examples of these products that we present would be comprehensive cover in private or public hospitals, admissions, choice of your doctor, treatments and services inside or outside hospital like dental, optical, therapies, ambulance and medical assistance. General treatment and travel insurance are also included in the packages.

If you try to make a health insurance comparison with other healthcare providers, you will notice the big difference on efficiency and claim turn around services that we have. You can also compare the health covers that we present and from the limited services that other companies have.


The private health insurance is dedicated exclusively to the personnel and employees in the steel industry in Australia. These include companies which deal with steel be it manufacturers, distributors, retailers, fabricators and even suppliers. But we also think that parts of the expenses that you shoulder are those family related health problems. We always wish our family to obtain the healthiest physique and condition all the time. But because health and safety cannot be predicted nowadays, we also want to make sure they are insured and protected. So, it is our initiative to extend our coverage to the family members including spouse, mother or father, children, brother or sister and even our grandparents.

What the good thing about this is that once you are a member, your membership and eligibility will never change regardless of the status of your employment. If you are to compare health insurance that we offer from the others, we got the best package for you and your family.

The health problems that we may encounter along the way are just challenges to keep us firm and strong. We should never let these challenges break us down or make us stop from moving forward to get a better life. All we have to make sure is we are equipped with the right armor for possible downfalls. Like Phoenix Health fund, as it offers the best private health insurance Australia ever had, it will make those downfalls less hurtful so you can easily get up and fight back.

You can actually learn more here at http://www.phoenixhealthfund.com.au.

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