The name Bernard comes from the German compound word, “Bern-hard” – meaning, “bear hardy” or “brave as a bear”. On this blog site, we encourage your bravery to present an idea – especially if it is meant to do good and spread the Bern-hard spirit around.


People decide to be brave and their decision to be brave is connected to the people around a society. When considering to contribute an article to, keep this in mind: Our world is full of ways to be brave and everyone needs a little bit more inspiration to take that courageous step.

Deciding this year that a family vacation wouldn’t be the same old camping trip at Yellowstone, but something entirely new, is an act of bravery. Perhaps, deciding to camp at Yellowstone, but not bringing bear spray, would be brave. However, we don’t recommend that. We are talking more about bravery that is life-enhancing or preserving such as taking a financial risk or considering health care options that are new, yet could be life-changing. Even the risks involved with a simple board game takes a bit of courage, especially considering how long a game usually takes.


At, the blog content is meant to be unique and reliable. To make the reader feel like the information is written just for them, like the words are being spoken by a local grocery store clerk that they know so well. To accomplish this goal, it requires well-thought-out and well-researched work, which we know you will bravely provide.

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