The Pretty Rainbow Town

A pretty little coastal town in Queensland, named after its beautiful coloured sand, is Rainbow Beach. The main economy of this breathtaking place is dominated by tourism. The permanent population might be 900 but almost 70,000 tourists or travellers visit this town every year. This town is mainly famous for its eco tourism destinations. Given the amount of visitors to this town, one can find a Rainbow Beach motel easily. These motels offer all facilities; from affordable to luxurious, everything one can think of. So, basically the economy of the town is catered by hotels, motels, caravan parks, holiday makers, etc.

rainbow beach motel


Whenever a holiday to Sunshine Coast comes in mind, Rainbow Beach should definitely be on the top of the list of places to be visited. This little town is recommended because, firstly, it is a relatively an undiscovered town, and it would be fun exploring a pretty and small place. Secondly, the locals are amazing; they are friendly and would give you the most relaxed vibe possible. Thirdly, finding a cheap motel in rainbow beach is not a difficult task, and finally it is a convenient location, and other visiting beaches and spots are close by.

After you have found the perfect rainbow beach motel or hotel, here are a few things that you can try such as the following:

  • The name of this place gives rise to curiosity in the minds of the travellers about actual existence of rainbow coloured beaches. Well, yes, and that is actually one of the greatest attractions of this place. You can assess these multi-coloured sand cliffs on a 2 km walk. Early in the morning, this beach has a spectacular view, and that is the perfect time to view the multi-coloured beach that is visible from a motel in Rainbow Beach.
  • Another amazing place to visit is the Carlo Sandblow. It is a white sandy beach with pristine blue waters. The view here is truly mesmerizing.
  • In case of individuals who love the wilderness, this is a perfect idea for you. Individuals can register for a trek into the Cooloola wilderness trail.
  • Fishing in rainbow beach is another activity you can opt for if you want to spend a lazy afternoon doing something other than taking a nap in your rainbow beach motel. Visit at Rainbow Beach Accommodation
  • For all those horse riding enthusiasts, you could avail horse riding at the Rainbow Beach. The aim is to view the beach from different angles while galloping in the sand.
  • Rainbow Beach paragliding and skydiving are for those who love the rush in their veins. This is definitely for the adventure lovers.
  • If you are bored with staying in your Rainbow Beach motel, you could try this houseboat cruise. Enjoying the beautiful waters while feeding the dolphins will definitely be etched in your memory for a lifetime.
  • Also visiting the exquisite restaurants and tasting their amazing food is a must.

You could find cheap motel in Rainbow Beach with the help of the locals, and then you can start exploring the place.

Get a Refreshing Bath at a Well-being Hotel in Siri Sathorn

In Thailand, you cannot afford to miss a revitalizing bath that Siri Sathorn well being hotel Bangkok has for visitors. Thousands of years ago, a soothing spa bath was a natural way of revitalizing human body. Today, many hotels have adopted the practice to give their visitors a unique side of bath.

However, before you check in at any spa hotel in Bangkok, you need to know if it offers the services that will leave your body refreshed and healed. A well-staffed Siri Sathorn well being hotel Bangkok has should be able to offer the following services.

Hot stone massage: massage is a universally accepted natural method of revitalizing the body. Qualified therapists offer the practice at different levels depending on what the customer wants.

No matter what level of massage you choose, it is important to know that qualified therapists will handle the practice. In the hands of experts, you can have the best results in the practice. Look at well being services a hotel offers before you can book.

Face care: a reliable well being hotel should have staffs that are knowledgeable in face care, able to provide comforting and deep cleansing natural body care services. For example, a reliable face care treatment eliminates wrinkles and removes laughter lines that are caused as one ages.

To get the best from the practice, find a facility with experienced face care specialists to apply strokes that improve air circulation in your face and give you a fresh start. One of the most reliable facilities to give you that service is Siri Sathorn well being hotel Bangkok.

Body care services: this involves the use of manipulations by hand to improve circulation of blood and natural healing. A body care expert performs the service together with special essential oils that have therapeutic and healing properties.

Body care services or massage is the cornerstone of well being hotels. If you want to stay in a well being hotel that leaves you relaxed and refreshed, choose one that offers a combination of well being services. In addition, it is important to check the facilities for well being that the hotel provides.

For instance, does the hotel have natural warm water that is mineral-rich? What types of spa packages do they offer? Does the hotel have a health menu? Answers to these questions can provide a starting point to land a reliable well being hotel in Bangkok.

Hand and feet care: as noted earlier, a reliable well being hotel offers revitalizing hand and foot care services. If you have brittle nails, dry cuticles, or rough skin, you need this service. From a reliable hotel facility in Bangkok, you can have an expert perform the service using peppermint, rosemary, and other natural herbs for a natural scrub.

Well being hotels in Bangkok opens a new experience to visitors, providing a natural way of revitalizing the body. Taking your time to have a quiet stay in such hotels can result in soothing refreshment.

If you want a reliable Siri Sathorn well being hotel in Bangkok, visit

Things to Expect in the Good Hotels in Narrandera

Whether you are visiting Narrandera for holiday or for business purposes, your accommodation is a crucial consideration. Typically, most people will choose a hotel based on the rates. If the hotel rates fit into your budget, then it is good for you. But this should not be the only factor to consider when selecting a hotel. Hotels Narrandera provides have a wide range of facilities and services that can make your trip to Narrandera a memorable one. All you need to do is to find a hotel that has facilities and services that suit your tastes preferences. Irrespective of the things that you consider as ‘good’ when it comes to a hotel, there are general standards that define a good hotel. These are the things you should first consider when shopping around for accommodation in Narrandera. The following things are expected in all the good Hotels Narrandera provides.

hotels narrandera

Clean rooms

Isn’t it obvious for hotel rooms to be clean? Sure, it should be obvious but it’s not always the case. It is not a wonder to find hotel rooms infested by bedbugs or other insects. Or where the bed sheets are not cleaned properly and they have developed an awful smell. Good hotels are exceptionally clean. They have orderly and routine cleaning programs to ensure that the rooms are clean at all times.

Great location

You need a hotel located near your holiday excursion site or if you are traveling for a conference meeting, you need one near your conference venue.  Many hotels in Narrandera are nowadays strategically located near such places. What makes these hotels good is the fact that they their location saves effort, time and money to do a lot of things including reaching attraction sites, entertainment joints and shopping centers.

Straightforward services

Good hotels offer extra services without charging extra. For instance, if you request for an extra towel, it will be gladly offered to you without charging more. Wi-fi in the good Narrandera hotels is free. Even if you’ll be staying for a month in the hotel, you will not be charged a cent for the wi-fi. This is a great benefit if you are traveling for business purposes and you need to use the internet a lot of time.

Warm and friendly staff

Forget about the pretentious attention and smiles accorded to guests in some of the large expensive hotels. The good hotels Narrandera provide have warm and sincere staff. It is not because they are paid to be hospitable but because they understand that their clients need to be treated well. They are keen on the very small things such as asking if you need something, not because you asked for it but simply because they anticipated you might need it.

Honest information

If you are new in Narrandera, the hotel staffs are possibly the only people you would rely on to give you direction about the place. They are well-versed with local information. In a good hotel, staffs will advice you on the best tourist sites to visit and even the dangerous places to avoid. In good hotels, front desk staffs are not bribed by local tour companies to be included in the itinerary. They always offer honest information.

Use Travel Directory to Have the Best Travel Itinerary

Everyone in your family is excited and are planning on how they can make the most of the upcoming holidays. You too are no exception, hence, you want to make your travel itinerary in a way that would be memorable even after the holidays are over. Choosing the right location, where to stay and the means of transportation is another factor your need to consider. The best way solve this dilemma is to have a travel directory that includes featured places to visit, events from all parts of the world and travel guide all in one place.

travel directory

What is a Travel Directory?

A travel directory is a website where you would get

  • List of traveling sites worldwide
  • Hotel booking options
  • Travel guides
  • Car rentals in various places
  • Flight reservations and more

Why You Need a Travel Directory

International travel is very common nowadays. People love to visit different countries and learn about various cultures. However, many people think that traveling abroad is risky, and if you too are among them, then you must have travel directories to help you out. There you would find that various experiences shared by other travelers, blogs, pictures of various places they visited and reviewed, recommended hotels and restaurant and other places that you might be interested to visit as well.

Benefits of Using Travel Directories

While planning your itinerary, you would get great help if you go through these directories. Below are some of the advantages of travel directories:

  • It helps you to choose your destination. For instance, if you are thinking about a beach destination, then here you would be able to browse through the various options available where you can enjoy the most. You may also read about the feedback from the travelers who have been there.
  • After you have chosen the destination, you need to complete the hotel reservations. Again, travel directories would be of great help as you can view the hotels, their rooms, know about the charges and even complete your booking through them. Moreover, when you go through the reviews from the customers, you would be able to get an exact idea about the services offered by the hotel.
  • Nowadays, many tourists share the videos of the places they have visited. Not only that, they upload their videos in these travel directories. Thus, before you visit any place, you can watch these videos and have an idea about the place. As these videos are not promotional, rather posted by travelers like you, the feel of the location can be understood in a better way.
  • You may even make your flight reservations, book car rentals through a travel directory. As you can read about the personal experiences of other travelers through their blogs, you will also know which car rental would be best to hire.

Travel is not just for fun; it allows you to understand other cultures, get to know the history and enjoy the climate of different places. When you use travel directories, half the work is done while sitting right in front of your laptop.

Getting hitched? Try a beach wedding in Thailand

Destination weddings still hold importance for couples getting hitched. There is a unique charm in getting married on a beach. It spells romance for various couples who find themselves in the most romantic bliss. A beach wedding Thailand based offers a regale package for the bridal couple, and the families and friends who come to celebrate. There could be a beautiful sunset wedding on a boat or a beach resort, which offers suitable venues, catering and decoration for a memorable ceremony.

beach wedding thailand

Pattaya, Thailand as a wedding destination

On the north of gulf of Thailand is Pattaya and has two principal beachfronts. Visitors who come to the country find it easy to get short-term visas for weddings. It is also a part of the tourism drive to make it easy for the couple to have an extended honeymoon once the festivities are over. If anyone is looking for a romantic beach wedding, then there are many pristine shorelines of beaches and aquamarine blue seas. It is an ultimate wedding destination. In Thailand itself, Pattaya is considered the most coveted destination as a wedding venue. The shorelines are dotted with many luxury hotels. Guests can come by car straight from the Suvarnabhumi International airport. The one-hour Bankgkok-Chonburiroute is scenic and a perfect trailer to the festivities ahead. The luxury hotels have the right setting to cater to the requirement of the guests. Far away natural landscapes, ancient temples and local Thai food also add to the charm of getting hitched in Pattaya, Thailand.

Right time for a beach wedding Thailand based

Look up the weather and the dates that will be suitable. Once the dates are available, all bookings can be done online. Five-star hotels have beachfront properties that are ideal for celebrations. Most hotels have a wedding package so that the host is free from any stress that comes when planning a wedding. The bridal couple also needs to look at their couture for themselves and the entourage.

  • Plan the trip in advance and select the hotel with the beachfront property.
  • They should also do the accommodations, decorations and catering for all.
  • Ask the hotel if there are any clean up charges.
  • Ask for permit and required visas, if any.
  • If the couple is getting hitched on a boat what, arrangements can be made?
  • Can indoor and outdoor venues be used?
  • A beach wedding may need lifeguards and local permit if it is too close to the sea.
  • Work with a wedding planner who has already done a beach wedding.
  • Guests who come on their own should be given a map and told to get to the venue.
  • The families need to arrive a day or two in advance to ensure all is well and going as per plan.
  • Get everything in writing from the vendors and the hotel.

Ask for spa services

Many people who tend to get married need spa services. Various massages, facials and scrubs are a part of the deal. For a beach wedding Thailand based, it is also possible to get relaxation services before and after the weddings.

Holiday Homes in Sunshine Coast – Booking in Advance is the Best Choice has recently revealed the best 10 holiday homes in Australia. These 10 have been chosen from a staggering 40,000 registered holiday homes and there were many parameters under which the best ones were chosen. It should come as no surprise that holiday homes Sunshine Coast offer figure among the top 10 and justifiably so. In fact, there are actually 2 in the top 10, the other being from Noosa. While one has been chosen for the best value holiday home, the other is the best pet-friendly one. The fact remains that Sunshine Coast is among the top holiday destinations in this part of the world and the visitors can easily find accommodation to suit their requirements.

holiday homes sunshine coast

Apartments in Different Configurations

If you wish to try the sunshine coast holiday apartments, you will find a huge choice of properties at different rental costs. From the luxurious penthouses with 2/3 bedrooms facing the waterfront to the one bedroom flats with balconies for a couple to stay, all can be hired depending on your budget. As the facilities and comfort levels increase the rentals as well.

Many Common Facilities; Some Additional Ones

Most holiday homes Sunshine Coast has today offer some standard facilities within the premises. These include the furniture and furnishing in all rooms; at least one television with the DVD player to take care of your entertainment. The DVDs will have to be carried by you according to your choice and liking. Stuff like linen and towels are also normally a part of the provisions. The facilities that may vary include provision for parking, air conditioning, Wi-Fi facility and so on. Some of the higher end accommodation choices may include sun lounges and fabulous views from the property and so on.

Make Your Stay Comfortable

Your Sunshine Coast holiday stay ought to be comfortable and the agencies which manage the properties and rent these out to you ensure that you do enjoy your trip and the accommodation should be the least of your worries. If you are on a vacation with your family, you would want every member of your group to have the best time of their lives. While there will be enough attractions to enjoy the holiday in Sunshine Coast, the place of stay should also be comfortable as long as you cover all the aspects while making the booking.

Make the Bookings in Advance

As it happens with any popular holiday destination, you need to have your holiday homes Sunshine Coast offers to be booked in advance, not only to avoid missing out on good properties, but also to avail some lucrative offers. And it is also important that you first go through all the available properties with all those add-ons and facilities. You should also understand the terms of the rentals in detail. This helps in planning your journey and carrying things with you which may not be provided or included in the accommodation rentals. It will also ensure that you don’t get disappointed on arrival to see something you need that is not there. The agencies usually send the confirmation email once you make the payment online.

Hiring an accommodation for a holiday on the Sunshine Coast is made easy with most of the information available online and the feature to get a confirmed booking in advance. To know exactly what indeed is possible, you can try the website.