Celebrate Your Christmas Events With Fun And Adventure

The holiday season is here again, and the holidays are always brimming with xmas events, from office parties to family reunions. If you’re planning to throw an event to remember, better skip the usual food fest, drinking and dancing. While these are good suggestions, events like these are quite common.

Now, if you want your event to stand out, you might want to take at Hidden Door’s lineup of great event packages. Hidden Door is a company that provides special event packages for both corporate and family gatherings. You know everyone else’s parties will have food, drinks and some music. Now it’s time to put a fun twist to your own event.

Adventurous Spirits

A lot of people say that the typical office Christmas party should be safe and mellow, as a way for employees to relax after days of hard work. However, routine can numb people’s sense of excitement and thirst for adventure. So for this year’s xmas events, why not give them something that will challenge them both mentally and physically?

Hidden Door has several event packages that think outside the box, or at the very least outside your office or function hall. Fancy a run through your office compound, or even the city, searching for clues, solving puzzles and racing against other teams? If you’ve never heard of anything quite like it, then all the more reason for you to step up!

Friendly Competition

Most people are familiar with the show, the Amazing Race. With Hidden Door’s unique packages, you can have your own Amazing Race, with your co-workers divided into several teams. Just like the show itself, you have to race against the other teams, while solving puzzles and challenges along the way.

Hidden Door – If your company has a huge compound, you can set the race to occur within the compound itself, or you can go all-out and race through town! You can present some nice gifts and incentives for the people who finish the race first. This is a great way to foster a little friendly competition, while ensuring that everyone has fun.

Your Own Game Show

Physical activities like races aren’t the only things that can spark a little friendly competition. If not a lot of people are up to something as physically challenging as a race, Hidden Door has other packages that will force you to use your heads! If you’re a fan of game show programs, then you’re in for a real treat!

Hidden Door has several game show packages, depending on the theme of the questions and the mechanics of the game. You can also add challenges to the game by making people do hilarious challenges if their team loses. This is perfect for people who want more than the usual xmas party fare, but are not ready to go sprinting across town, hunting for clues.

Have Fun

No matter what your tastes may be, the important thing is to have fun. Of course, food, drinks and music are basic staples to all xmas events. However, nobody’s stopping you from giving your company event a bit of spice! With Hidden Door’s fun and adventurous event packages, your parties will be something people will look forward to each year!

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