Dry Needles in Australia – Used in Acupuncture for Sports and Other Injuries

The needles used in the traditional Chinese therapy, acupuncture, have hardly undergone any major changes in terms of the size and design for centuries. But now, a university research team in South Korea has succeeded in applying nanotechnology to this ancient practice and has come up with acupuncture needles that can make the treatment process far superior and effective. According to this recent report in asianscientist.com, the credit for this new development goes to the research team from the Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea. Named porous acupuncture needles (PAN), these nanotechnology needles have very fine pores on their surface and are capable of enlarging the surface for treatment and also bring down the pain experienced by the patient during the treatment. The needles are yet to hit the commercial market. Meanwhile, therapists deliver specialised acupuncture treatment through Dry Needles Australia therapists use for specific cases.

The ‘Trigger Points’ and the ‘Meridian’

These are the terms one will get to hear frequently while discussing the acupuncture, using Dry Needles in Australia. The trigger points are the spots identified by the practitioners to pierce the needles to provide the pain relief. The exact nature of the treatment might slightly differ in terms of the duration for which the needles are allowed to stay inserted or with regard to the size of the Australia dry needles selected for the treatment. However, the basic technology and science flow from the ancient Chinese therapy only. Some streams of acupuncture rely on the 12 meridian points throughout the body to be chosen for the needling treatment.

Sports Injuries and Dry Needles

The practice of acupuncture in Australia is as old as it gets, but in the country where there is a high level of sporting activity, the clinics are bound to receive a large proportion of people reporting injuries suffered in some sporting activity. These can be in the form of muscular spasms and joint pains. Acupuncture clinics have been found to use dry needles Australia wide for such sports injuries and their rate of success is also reported to be very high. In fact, some practitioners post videos of footie players who have received the dry needling treatment and have benefitted from it.

Running a Clinic? Buy Needles

If you are already a practitioner and wish to replenish your stock of needles, you can Find Dry Needles Australia shops sell offering you the right quality and at reasonable prices. The best needles are made of stainless steel or spring steel, technically tested for their suitability for the application and the needles are precision made for accuracy in size. The handles are normally fusion bonded and you can buy the dry needles Australia shops offer in different sizes ranging from 0.12mm to 0.16mm in dia. The lengths will be the standard 15mm. The product is shipped in boxes of 100 needles and if you order more boxes in one go, you stand to save some dollars. There are other needles also to pick from. The best would be for you to visit http://www.needlepro.com.au and learn the details before placing the order.

Acupuncture has already gained importance as one of the preferred treatments by many people for some of the common ailments since it helps avoid any intake of medicines and can also help in avoiding surgery. The dry needles used in the treatment get sold through online resources to benefit the clinics. For more details, just visit http://www.needlepro.com.au/order-bulk-buy-dry-needles-wholesale-online-australia/

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