Getting hitched? Try a beach wedding in Thailand

Destination weddings still hold importance for couples getting hitched. There is a unique charm in getting married on a beach. It spells romance for various couples who find themselves in the most romantic bliss. A beach wedding Thailand based offers a regale package for the bridal couple, and the families and friends who come to celebrate. There could be a beautiful sunset wedding on a boat or a beach resort, which offers suitable venues, catering and decoration for a memorable ceremony.

beach wedding thailand

Pattaya, Thailand as a wedding destination

On the north of gulf of Thailand is Pattaya and has two principal beachfronts. Visitors who come to the country find it easy to get short-term visas for weddings. It is also a part of the tourism drive to make it easy for the couple to have an extended honeymoon once the festivities are over. If anyone is looking for a romantic beach wedding, then there are many pristine shorelines of beaches and aquamarine blue seas. It is an ultimate wedding destination. In Thailand itself, Pattaya is considered the most coveted destination as a wedding venue. The shorelines are dotted with many luxury hotels. Guests can come by car straight from the Suvarnabhumi International airport. The one-hour Bankgkok-Chonburiroute is scenic and a perfect trailer to the festivities ahead. The luxury hotels have the right setting to cater to the requirement of the guests. Far away natural landscapes, ancient temples and local Thai food also add to the charm of getting hitched in Pattaya, Thailand.

Right time for a beach wedding Thailand based

Look up the weather and the dates that will be suitable. Once the dates are available, all bookings can be done online. Five-star hotels have beachfront properties that are ideal for celebrations. Most hotels have a wedding package so that the host is free from any stress that comes when planning a wedding. The bridal couple also needs to look at their couture for themselves and the entourage.

  • Plan the trip in advance and select the hotel with the beachfront property.
  • They should also do the accommodations, decorations and catering for all.
  • Ask the hotel if there are any clean up charges.
  • Ask for permit and required visas, if any.
  • If the couple is getting hitched on a boat what, arrangements can be made?
  • Can indoor and outdoor venues be used?
  • A beach wedding may need lifeguards and local permit if it is too close to the sea.
  • Work with a wedding planner who has already done a beach wedding.
  • Guests who come on their own should be given a map and told to get to the venue.
  • The families need to arrive a day or two in advance to ensure all is well and going as per plan.
  • Get everything in writing from the vendors and the hotel.

Ask for spa services

Many people who tend to get married need spa services. Various massages, facials and scrubs are a part of the deal. For a beach wedding Thailand based, it is also possible to get relaxation services before and after the weddings.

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