Mosquito Repellent in Australia – Use Correctly and Stay Safe

A mosquito bite can become an international topic as is happening now. The notorious Zika virus which has been found to be caused due to mosquito bite is the latest issue engaging the authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summer Olympics are just a few weeks away and there are reports of the dangerous virus in the South American continent, including Brazil. In a country like Australia also there are specific warnings being sounded on the deadly virus. These relate to pregnant women being advised against travelling to countries where the virus has been detected. Hence, you can find the best mosquito repellent in Australia in different forms like aerosols and creams. More than for any other occasion, when camping in the outdoors, you will definitely need the cream to keep the buzzing insects away.

They are all Chemical Based Products

Any mosquito repellent is made from chemicals. These chemicals could be of the synthetic type or extracted from naturally available ingredients. The cream when applied over the exposed portions of the skin, the mosquito nearing the person is repelled by the smell of the repellent and flies away saving you from the mosquito bite. The same effect can be obtained by using the aerosol sprays around the place you plan to sit or lie down.

Find the Ideal Way to Use the Repellent

Many times, people buy and use a mosquito repellent in Australia, and if they still have mosquito bites they tend to blame the product as being ineffective. But, there are ways of using the product with which you should be familiar to get the best results. These directions of usage are probably already with you along with the pack of mosquito repellent you bought, but might be in fine prints and escaped your attention.

One of the mistakes people end up doing is to use the spray on the skin in a random fashion, not covering the exposed portions of the skin completely. This might be due to the apprehension about the product’s safety. It is indeed essential that the mosquito repellent be kept away from your face while directly spraying on the skin. The manufacturers will advise you to take the liquid in your hands and apply over the face leaving the area around the eyes and mouth.

You will also have to regulate the frequency of using an aerosol spray repellent depending on the duration you expect to remain out in areas where the mosquitoes are likely to attack you, say in the bushes doing some trekking or other activity. Some prefer alternating the concentration of the liquid repellent based on this. There is also the perfume factor. Experts advise you to avoid using heavy perfumes while out on a bushwalk since the mosquitoes do get attracted to them.

So you can escape a mosquito bite if you have sort of perfected the way the mosquito repellent in Australia is used and applied. But the Australian sports authorities are still concerned whether the athletes from the country will be safe in Rio when they travel there for the Olympics, come August 2016. The Zika cloud is still hovering over the event.

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