The Pretty Rainbow Town

A pretty little coastal town in Queensland, named after its beautiful coloured sand, is Rainbow Beach. The main economy of this breathtaking place is dominated by tourism. The permanent population might be 900 but almost 70,000 tourists or travellers visit this town every year. This town is mainly famous for its eco tourism destinations. Given the amount of visitors to this town, one can find a Rainbow Beach motel easily. These motels offer all facilities; from affordable to luxurious, everything one can think of. So, basically the economy of the town is catered by hotels, motels, caravan parks, holiday makers, etc.

rainbow beach motel


Whenever a holiday to Sunshine Coast comes in mind, Rainbow Beach should definitely be on the top of the list of places to be visited. This little town is recommended because, firstly, it is a relatively an undiscovered town, and it would be fun exploring a pretty and small place. Secondly, the locals are amazing; they are friendly and would give you the most relaxed vibe possible. Thirdly, finding a cheap motel in rainbow beach is not a difficult task, and finally it is a convenient location, and other visiting beaches and spots are close by.

After you have found the perfect rainbow beach motel or hotel, here are a few things that you can try such as the following:

  • The name of this place gives rise to curiosity in the minds of the travellers about actual existence of rainbow coloured beaches. Well, yes, and that is actually one of the greatest attractions of this place. You can assess these multi-coloured sand cliffs on a 2 km walk. Early in the morning, this beach has a spectacular view, and that is the perfect time to view the multi-coloured beach that is visible from a motel in Rainbow Beach.
  • Another amazing place to visit is the Carlo Sandblow. It is a white sandy beach with pristine blue waters. The view here is truly mesmerizing.
  • In case of individuals who love the wilderness, this is a perfect idea for you. Individuals can register for a trek into the Cooloola wilderness trail.
  • Fishing in rainbow beach is another activity you can opt for if you want to spend a lazy afternoon doing something other than taking a nap in your rainbow beach motel. Visit at Rainbow Beach Accommodation
  • For all those horse riding enthusiasts, you could avail horse riding at the Rainbow Beach. The aim is to view the beach from different angles while galloping in the sand.
  • Rainbow Beach paragliding and skydiving are for those who love the rush in their veins. This is definitely for the adventure lovers.
  • If you are bored with staying in your Rainbow Beach motel, you could try this houseboat cruise. Enjoying the beautiful waters while feeding the dolphins will definitely be etched in your memory for a lifetime.
  • Also visiting the exquisite restaurants and tasting their amazing food is a must.

You could find cheap motel in Rainbow Beach with the help of the locals, and then you can start exploring the place.