Where to Buy Hair Extensions: Online or Local?

Hair extensions are strands of hair that can either be made from real human hair or synthetic ones. The hair extension is clipped, glued or attached to the hair using a variety of methods. Hair extensions were initially introduced into the market as a solution for alopecia or hair thinning. Today, it is used mainly for an aesthetic purpose. If you are looking to buy hair extentions in Bondi, you might be faced with an important decision: do you buy from a local salon or from an online shop?

To help you decide if should look for a salon that offers hair extentions in Bondi, you can learn the pro’s and con’s for each option.


The popularity of hair extensions has resulted in more online shops offering them. In fact, there are some online retailers that specialize in selling hair extensions. Buying online is a good option for those who are looking for more options especially when local salons have limited color options. With an online shop, you can find the exact color match to your natural hair. You can even find different types of hair extensions according to your hair type and texture.

Due to the immense level of competition and the reduced operational cost, you can also save when you buy online. In fact, this is one of many reasons why a lot of women prefer to shop hair extensions online. The benefit of online shopping has definitely introduced convenience as you do not even have to step out of the house.

Despite the above benefits, the main downside to buying hair extensions online is that you cannot see the actual product before buying it. This is true for most online shopping experience. However, this carries more weight when it comes to hair extensions as you want to be able to examine the texture. Color representation can also vary when viewed from a computer screen. Therefore, the color shown on your computer while you are shopping online might be different from the actual product.

Local Salon

Another option to buying hair extension is through your local salon. Most salons offer hair extensions and you can also get them attached by the hairdressers at that same salon. In fact, there are salons in Bondi that specialize in hair extensions attachment, coloring, and other similar services. Buying from the local salon offers many benefits including the ability to have a consultation with a hairdresser. Using their expertise, you will be able to pick the right hair extensions to use for best styling results.

One drawback to buying hair extensions locally is that the options might be limited. In comparison to online shops, the color and type of hair extensions available at the salon might not be as extensive. It could also be slightly expensive since you will also be paying for the service of the hairdresser.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with each option; hence, it is up to you which you believe possess the less amount of risk. If you do your research, you will be able to find quality hair extentions in Bondi.

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